The Speed Mosquito and Insect (treated with Permethrin), is a self supporting net that can be used for camping and indoors to protect against mosquitos and insects. 

Treated with permethrin in Australia, with guaranteed effectiveness for up to 3 years with correct care and storage. 

The net features a removable floor and is adjustable for both single and double sized beds, making it ideal for use indoors in hotels and hostels. There are also eyelets for pegging the net for use outdoors, and erects and packs down in just seconds. 

This net packs down very flat (a few cm's) but does have a diametre of 41cm... perfect for suitcases and good sized back packs.

This mosquito net features:

  • extra strong nylon is UV resistant, will not yellow in the sun and takes less space when packed
  • excellent stitching quality and strength
  • reinforced skirting and eyelets for pegging when camping
  • white colour for maximum night visibility and maximum treated effectiveness (as recommended by World Heath Organisation)
  • treated with permethrin insecticide which will last up to 3 years
  • folds flat for easy storage (3cm width x 41cm diameter)

Erected Dimensions: W 150cm, L 205cm, H 103cm
Weight: 1200 gms

Folded dimensions: W 3cm, D 41cm

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