The Sea and Surf First Aid Kit Refill is packed full of essential first aid supplies for any one going on a surfing, diving, snorkeling or swimming adventure.

Seemingly small wounds caused by coral or reef rocks can easily become infected, especially in tropical climates where wounds take longer to heal. Cleaning, disinfecting and bandaging/closing wounds is particularly important, where first-world medical care is not readily available.

The Sea and Surf First Aid Kit has been specifically designed for coral and reef related injuries. The kit includes:

  • Variety of adhesive island bandages (fabric and water proof)
  • Skin cleansing and disinfecting wipes
  • Saline, hydrogen peroxide and syringe, for cleaning and flushing wounds
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Sterile Gauze
  • Splinter probes
  • Mini brushes for removing debris in wounds
  • Scissors
  • Metal pointed forceps
  • Latex Gloves
  • Conforming bandage
  • Pressure bandage
  • Bactigras – ideal for use on wounds at risk of infection
  • Triangular bandage
  • Steri Strips to help close lacerations

For those travelling off the beaten track, you may want to consider purchasing prescription medication for the treatment of skin infections (antibiotics) and travellers diarrhoea (e.g. electrolytes, loperamide “stopper”, anti-nausea medication, antibiotics etc.)

If you haven’t done so already, book an appointment with a doctor that specialises in Travel Medicine or your GP.

Note: the Sea and Surf First Aid Refill kit does not include the medium medical and first aid kit bag. This can be purchased separately or by selecting the "Sea and Surf First Aid Kit, plus Bag"