The SD Bioline Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit provides fast, accurate results, that distinguishes between infection with Plasmodium Falciparium and other Plasmodium species (detects HRP-II Ag of P. falciparum and pLDH from all species P.v, P.m or P.o), which is useful in regions where multiple malaria species are circulating.


  • Simple procedure
  • Minimal training and equipment required
  • Printing on cassette indicates test type and location of lines in reading window
  • Results in just 15 minutes
  • Wide temperature storage range (1 - 40°C)
  • Long shelf life
  • WHO prequalified


Detection Sensitivity Specificity
P.f (HRP-II) 99.7% 99.5%
Pan (pLDH) 95.5% 99.5%