Stop Bleeding Fast! with BleedSolv™. 

BleedSolv™ haemostatic gauze is a collagen-like natural substance created from chemically treated cellulose. When it comes in contact with blood, it expands to 3-4 times its size, converts to a gel and unites with the body's own platelets to rapidly "plug" or clot the bleed. When reaching its final soluble state, it continues to contibute to haemostasis and wound healing.

The material contains no chemicals, no additives, no foreign bodies, no thrombin or collagen and is hypoallergenic. The gauze gradually breaks-down into glucose and water end-products. Therefore, there is no need to disturb the clot and no need for debridement at a hospital (unlike other haemostatic materials that may have a similar appearance). 

BleedSolv™ meets the Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines for the control of bleeding, and forms a critical part of effective first aid and procedure management.

BleedSolv™ is available in a range of products and sizes for any situation and is safe to use on the head and in the chest cavity. BleedSolv™ is particularly beneficial in remote locations distant from advanced care and in high-risk situation.

Note: Where there is arterial haemorrhage, a tourniquet should be applied rapidly