Small, portable and easy to use, the Bite Away® Insect Bite Healer is a chemical free and clinically tested medical device that provides instant relief to an insect bite or sting.

When applied immediately after a sting or bite,  Bite Away® uses heat to denature the proteins in the sting or bite to instantly stop pain and prevent itching. Bite Away® will also assist with the bite site healing process, which means any swelling will disappear much faster.  


  • relieves swelling, pain and itching
  • prevents allergic reaction
  • portable, easy to use
  • patented technology
  • clinically tested
  • heals bites and stings in seconds
  • chemical free

Effectively treats: midge/ sand fly bites, mosquito bites, wasp stings, bee stings, flea stings, lice, bed bugs, stinging nettle, blue bottle jelly fish stings, horse fly/ march fly bites, mites/chigger bites, hairy grub

Helps treat: tick bites, green ant stings, any insect bite with a histamine reaction.

Safe for use on everyone: children, those with pacemakers, or who suffer epilepsy, and pregnant women.

Essential for those who love the outdoors.

TGA Approved (No. 223108).  Uses 2 AA batteries, lasting 300-500 applications. Dermatologically tested.