Aqua Ear solution is used to prevent moisture retention in the ear after swimming or bathing, to prevent the uncomfortable condition of "swimmer's ear".

Swimmer's ear is a condition which arises when water is trapped in the ear canal, and can cause inflammation of the ear and lead of bacterial infections. It can be very painful. Some people are more prone to ear infections. Serious surfers often have narrowed ear canals as bony outgrowths develop in response to the constant cold water ("surfers ear"). These people may also have problems with wax and blockage. Retained fluid in the canal make s it prone to infection, bacterial, fungal or both.

Aqua Ear drops are specifically designed to evaporate the water in the ear, and create a dry and acidic environment to reduce the growth of bacteria and fungus. 

 How to use:

  • use Aqua Ear Solution immediately after swimming or bathing. This helps to evaporate any retained water that may become infected
  • tip head to one side and instil 4-6 drops in the ear canal
  • hold this position for one minute
  • repeat for other ear
  • can be used on children
  • keep bottle tightly closed.

Do not use in blocked or severely inflamed ear canal, a perforated ear drum, or if a discharge, grommets, or ear ache is present. Consult a doctor if these symptoms exist. Do not use in the eyes or broken skin. If sensitivity or irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a doctor. If swallowed seek medical advice. Keep out of reach of children. For the external use only. store below 25 degrees. Do not use if seal around cap is broken or missing.

Active Ingredients: Ibuprofen Acetic Acid-Glacial, Ibuprofen Isopropyl Alcohol